Welcome to The Mindful Dentist, a centre of excellence in both dentistry and service in the Crystal Palace area.

Our ‘Calm & Gentle’ dental team are dedicated to providing first class dental care. When it comes to your smile, we are committed to ensuring you are getting the very best personalised dental treatment. We work hard to create a welcoming, comfortable and relaxed environment for you.


The Mindful Dentist – what exactly does that mean?

Mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment. Essentially blocking everything negative out so you catch negative thought patterns before they start taking you along a downward spiral.

Over time, mindfulness brings about long-term changes in mood and levels of happiness and wellbeing. Scientific studies have shown that mindfulness not only prevents depression, but that it also positively affects the brain patterns underlying day-to-day anxiety, stress, depression and irritability so that when they arise, they dissolve away again more easily.

Now, what about mindful dentistry?
We practice our dentistry in a calm and gentle manner ensuring the experience is as pleasant as possible. We are really aware that for many people visiting the dentist can be a real trial. So this is something we take seriously and incorporate in our dentistry making it as enjoyable as possible.

We offer longer appointment times. Calming music is played throughout the practice. Meditations are available to be played through headphones to help bring about a more pleasant experience.

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday9-5 pm

(Earlier and later appointments available on request)

Saturdayby appointment only